Curvices, digital application, poetry and sound installation for mobile devices Rozalie Hirs (music, poetry, voice) Cox & Grusenmeyer (design, animation) Yvan Vander Sanden (software design, realization) Machiel Spaan (spatial design) Wiek Hijmans (electric guitar) Patricio Wang (bass guitar) Martín Ibarburu (drums) Magnus Robb (birdsong recordings) Carlos Dalla-Fiore (mixing, mastering) Mathijs de Valk (technical assistance)

On 18 October during the 10th anniversary event of Klankenbos in Neerpelt, Belgium, Rozalie Hirs presents two open air performances (one at 13:00 and one at 15:00 CET respectively) of her electroacoustic music and poetry. Furthermore, at 15:30 CET she guides a tour around her music and poetry app Curvices for mobile devices, specifically designed for and commissioned by Klankenbos. Other performances are by Tony di Napoli (F), Peter Jacquemyn & ChampdAction (B), Erwin Stache (D), Stijn Demeulenaere (B).

Klankenbos/ Sound Forest: anniversary event on 18 October 2015 - poster

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