Rozalie Hirs Suburban Video Lounge

On Friday 29 November 2013 at 20:30 CET the new text music composition In state of [war] (2013) by Rozalie Hirs is performed for the first time as part of Words Live 4, an arts event dedicated to spoken words, at Perdu, Amsterdam. The performers are Paul Bogaers, Florian Cramer, Cora Schmeiser, Rosie Heinrich, Toine Horvers, Émilie Gallier, Mariëtte Groot, Myriam van Imschoot, Teun de Lange, Gerrit-Jan de Rook, Samuel Vriezen, and B. Zwaal. In state of [war] (2013) for twelve spoken voices is a sequel to In LA (2003) for six spoken voices.

Words Live 4 is organized by Sub-urban Video Lounge. It consists of a broad selection of contemporary word art in The Netherlands The curators of Words Live are Toine Horvers and Kathrin Wolkowicz. Information about the previous edition, Words Live 3, can be found here.