Rozalie Hirs



Performance by ASKO|Schönberg


Very happy with yesterday’s premiere of The honeycomb conjecture performed by Reinbert de Leeuw (conductor) and ASKO|Schönberg at the closing concert of NOW! Prismen 2015 at the Philharmonie Essen, Germany. Above is a photograph of the dress rehearsal in the afternoon. Below is a photograph taken just after the performance.

Special thanks to Philharmonie Essen for commissioning the new composition, to Casper Schipper for assistance with the sound synthesis in SuperCollider, to Jan Panis for sound projection in the hall, to Justus Vriesen for being such an impeccable producer, to Fedor Teunisse for his moral support, and to Wim Vos and Günther Steinke for programming the piece in the first place, along with such heroes as Vivier, Saariaho, and Lachenmann.

Extra special thanks to Machiel Spaan and Maria van Daalen for their love and friendship during the creative process.