Rozalie Hirs



New interactive sound installation – try-out

On Saturday 2 November 2019 at 14:00 CET the architect Machiel Spaan and composer Rozalie Hirs present a new sound installation, which they have developed in close collaboration during their artist-in-residence at Van Doesburg House, Meudon, France. The two give a lecture, followed by a Q & A, and a reception. The public is then invited to wander through and explore the installation in their own time.

The new work is inspired by the concept of the open plattegrond (English: open floorplan) Theo Van Doesburg (1883-1931) developed for his architectural work, and specifically for his own residence at rue Infroît, Meudon, France. Spaan has designed the spatial arrangement of loudspeakers and Hirs has custom-synthesised the electronic sounds for the musical compositon. In addtion she has processed new recordings that were made especially for the new installation piece. The total duration of the work, which is interactive (i.e. the music reacts to the postition and movements of the visitors in the space) is about an hour. It is the third collaborative architecture/sound art project by Spaan and Hirs, after Curvices (2013-present), and the Listening House (2017-present). The project is supported by the Mondriaanfonds, Theo Van Doesburg House, and STEIM.

The event is part of the ‘Open Saturday’ series at Van Doesburg House, hosted by Machiel Spaan and Rozalie Hirs, who live as artists-in-residence at Van Doesburg House from September through December 2019. The above picture shows an image of the gouache grondelement van de schilderkunst (1924-25) by Van Doesburg.

Date: 2019-11-02
Time: 14:00 CET
Location: Van Doesburg House, 29 rue Charles-Infroit, Meudon, Paris, France