Rozalie Hirs

Musical works of youth

Early musical works by Rozalie Hirs

Source of Blue (2005) 5′
spoken voice, pf

Ton luxiert (2003) 6′

Noise~ (2001) 10′

Dog Making Kit (English; poem: Anne Elliott; music: Rozalie Hirs; 2000) 6’15

Puppy (English; poem: Anne Elliott; music: Rozalie Hirs; 2000) 5’00
sop, pf, vc
(Dog Making Kit and Puppy were composed as a diptych, to be performed attacca)

The Sea (English; music, poem: Rozalie Hirs; 1999) 3′
voice, soundtrack

Aquarium (Dutch; music, poem, film: Rozalie Hirs; mime: Simone de Jong; camera: Onno van Dodewaard; 1999) 6′
spoken voice, electroacoustic soundtrack

Meridian (1998) 8′

Well (English; music, poem: Rozalie Hirs; 1998) 8′
voice, asax, pf, per, cb

Wel gek (Dutch; music, poem: Rozalie Hirs; 1998) 7′
children’s choir, baroque ensemble

Myth of Er (English; music, poem: Rozalie Hirs; film: Martin Putto, Rozalie Hirs; 1996) 6′
voice, 2perc, 2vln, 2vc

Invisible Self (1996) 13′
3trp, 3trb, pf, b-gt

Schizofonia (1996) 7′

Song for Cathy (English; poem: T.S. Eliot (selected from: Four Quartets); 1995) 2′
voice, 4vc

Yliaster (1995) 13′
pf, vln

Slaaplied voor een duivel (Dutch; music, poem: Rozalie Hirs; 1994) 2′
spoken voice, music box

Pamwe (1994) 12′
tsax, 2perc

Die Parke (German; poem: Rainer Maria Rilke; 1993) 6′
sop, mezzosop, alto

Lied van de bosgeesten (Dutch; music, poem: Rozalie Hirs; 1992) 5′
children’s choir, pf, perc

Oker (1992) 8′

Atrium Vestae (1991) 2′
2vln, va, vc

Pietá (German; poem: Rainer Maria Rilke; 1991) 1′
2 low female voices

Als kind wist ik in te zullen slapen (1991) 2′
2vln, va (or: vln, 3 low female voices)