Rozalie Hirs



In Canada

161117-rozaliehirs-deersbesidemywindow-banff Currently finding myself as an Artist-in-Residence at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Canada. So happy to be here. Discovering recording as part of the creative process, playing with sounds and words, trying out things, deep listening. New stuff in the making!

Deeply grateful for the generous support of the Artist’s Award of Banff Centre and a fellowship of Cultuurfonds. For the beautiful deers and colleagues whom I’ve been fortunate enough to meet. And for the ever-changing view.

Photograph on the left: two deers sitting beside my window yesterday afternoon.
Photographs below: pink cloud during a Banff sunset last week; welcome tour by Jim Oliver last week (with Jim Oliver, Armen Bazarian, John Millard, Fern Lindzon, Robyn Jacob, Lydia Hol); Banff sunset after first snowfall.