Rozalie Hirs



Finetuning Luisterhuis for November Music

This morning we have been finetuning Luisterhuis by Machiel Spaan (concept, design) and Rozalie Hirs (music) for November Music. At Willem II, the building across the street from Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch.

Remko Spaan has done wonderful carpentry work, yet again, and Casper Schipper has programmed and assembled the excellent electric wiring, sensor and speaker set-up. The interactive architectural sound sculpture is now up and running for the duration of the festival (3-12 November 2017). And is also very suited for young visitors. I will be around on several days. Do let me know if you like a small tour. Welcome!

Here are a few snapshots of this morning’s installation. The photographs, showing Casper Schipper, Rozalie Hirs, and Luisterhuis, were made by Machiel Spaan.