Rozalie Hirs


PAM PAN Maanmensen [invitation]


Today at 16:00 CET the graphic novel Maanmensen (2015) by Pam Emmerik is launched in the auditorium of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam. Furthermore the exhibition of all its constituent pictures is opened in the print room of the museum. A reception will follow at the espressobar.

An afternoon celebrating the work of Pam Emmerik (1964-2015)

book launch, lectures and readings
Sjarel Ex
Serge Onne & Harald Autsbo
Theo Huigens
Katrin Verlende
Petra Boolman
Rozalie Hirs

opening of the exhibition

reception, performance by Toine Klaassen


Impossible screenplay [invitation]


You are cordially invited to an evening around impossible screenplays tonight at Perdu, Amsterdam, at 20:30 CET. Maud Vanhauwaert and Dick Tuinder introduce films and drawings by Dick Tuinder. Theatertroep interprets two screenplays by Delphine Lecompte and Rozalie Hirs, recently published in an issue of the Flemish Literary Magazine DW B (Dietsche Warande & Belfort) curated by Vanhauwaert around the topic of impossible screenplays. A discussion with Theatertroep, Frank Keizer, Bernhard Christiansen, and Rozalie Hirs concludes the evening.

The ‘screenplay’ by Rozalie Hirs is Atlantis (2015), a new multilingual collage poem, based on her previous poetry, including translations by Kim Andringa, Donald Gardner, Henri Deluy, Diego Puls, and Willem Groenewegen. This poetry cycle was originally written for Hirs’ composition Atlantis ampersand, commissioned by Holland Festival and premiered by Klangforum Wien and Vokalensemble NOVA at Holland Festival during the Urbo Kune event on 6 June 2015.


[Update at 23:00 CET: Photograph of Theatertroep performing Hirs’ Atlantis at Perdu, 30 October 2015]



Rozalie Hirs @Perdu

Rozalie Hirs is talking about and reading some brandnew experimental versus lyrical poetry during the season’s opening 2015/16 of Perdu, the one-and-only cutting edge poetry foundation in the Netherlands, located in the center of Amsterdam.


Performance during anniversary event Klankenbos/ Sound Forest

Curvices, digital application, poetry and sound installation for mobile devices Rozalie Hirs (music, poetry, voice) Cox & Grusenmeyer (design, animation) Yvan Vander Sanden (software design, realization) Machiel Spaan (spatial design) Wiek Hijmans (electric guitar) Patricio Wang (bass guitar) Martín Ibarburu (drums) Magnus Robb (birdsong recordings) Carlos Dalla-Fiore (mixing, mastering) Mathijs de Valk (technical assistance)

On 18 October during the 10th anniversary event of Klankenbos in Neerpelt, Belgium, Rozalie Hirs presents two open air performances (one at 13:00 and one at 15:00 CET respectively) of her electroacoustic music and poetry. Furthermore, at 15:30 CET she guides a tour around her music and poetry app Curvices for mobile devices, specifically designed for and commissioned by Klankenbos. Other performances are by Tony di Napoli (F), Peter Jacquemyn & ChampdAction (B), Erwin Stache (D), Stijn Demeulenaere (B).

Klankenbos/ Sound Forest: anniversary event on 18 October 2015 - poster

Date: 2015-10-18
Time: 11:00
Location: Klankenbos/ Musica, Dommelhof, Neerpelt, Belgium


Interview for Gonzo Circus now online

The interview by Griet Menschaert for Gonzo Circus, also featuring a portrait photograph by Sara Anke Morris, is available in English now and can be read online at ISSUE. In this interview at the occasion of the tenth anniversary event of Klankenbos, Neerpelt, Belgium, Rozalie Hirs talks about her Curvices app, commissioned by Klankenbos/Musica, music, poetry.


30 + 30 Poets’ Marathon

Read My World Festival logo

On 3 October 2015 om 20:00 Rozalie Hirs is part of the Poets’ Marathon at the international Literature Festival Read My World.

Date: 2015-10-03
Time: 20:00 CET
Location: Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, The Netherlands